Amber Tortie (ft) / Light Amber Tortie (gt)

by amber or light amber in combination with red/creme is the most important to take a look at the red or creme parts after birth to definition the color. Because if the kittens grow up often the creme or red parts blend with the amber and then it‘s not easy to find out the real color. Then it‘s the best to score the color from the whole body to can find out with red or without. And if you don‘t find it out, then you know it perhaps after the first litter:-).  I will show you here some pictures of my Mapiya‘s Unguja Kayla in amber tortie (ft) and Mapiya‘s Ulima Kalila in light amber tortie (gt)


Light Amber Tortie (gt)

Kalila don‘t has lots of creme so it wasn‘t easy to see it and i know it because the father is creme :-)

Amber Tortie (ft)

now Kalila is older and where is the creme?

here you can see the creme if you take a look at the whole bodycolor. Also a sign is her nose. If you take a very good look you can see that it is not only blue, there we can see the creme also

now Kayla is older and the red is more and more blend with the amber

By Kayla the red parts are good to see. It‘s also good to see on her nose because she is without white so the white part on the nose is from the red

Kayla also don‘t have again so clear red parts like she had as kitten, but you still can see the parts a bit if you know where they was. Special by Kayla is her nose, there you can see the red clear :-)